Hawaii Society of Business Professionals

Intro to Social Media

In support of Hawaii Society of Business Professional mission, we have added workshops in addition to our luncheon and boardroom programs. The first workshop on April 7th was an introduction to Social Media that was quickly sold out. The Bank of Hawaii hosted event filled the room to capacity. The workshop featured live demonstrations of the most widely used social media. Participants were able to see and ask questions about the basics of setting up a page; types of content to post and the differences between the popular platforms. The session was informal with a “talk story” format and was limited to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Attendees with smart phones were able to follow on-line.

Participants gained a better understanding of how the world is taking advantage of the Internet as a channel for communication, collaboration and creative expression. At the workshop’s conclusion, everyone was asking for more workshops on Social Media. In response to demand, HSBP’s next workshop will address the business benefits of Social Media.


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