Hawaii Society of Business Professionals

November 10: Cut Collective

November’s Boardroom ventured into the field of couture and the fashion design industry.  The two principals at the “Cut Collective” fashion incubator , Alison Izu Song and Summer Shiigi, spoke about the diverse business aspects of operating as a factory hybrid for the fashion designer industry.  This is Hawaii’s fashion incubator which also functions as a factory hybrid dedicated to providing independent designers with the resources and skills to streamline their production process, transforming local manufacturing into the most innovative and affordable process, while providing a design-driven option for the local consumer.

It was fascinating to learn about the mentoring process for the 11 designers who went through the innovation workshop and to hear about how it is possible to design, cut and produce garments in Hawaii.  The “Gerber” system of placement of the pieces of the design on the fabric for cutting was intriguing.  It was also interesting to learn that the Gerber system allows designs to be sent on the internet to the production facility.  Their perspective on the fashion industry is unique and really provided the HSBP members with a view of the fashion and design industry from the designer’s and producer’s perspective.

Alison is the owner and design force behind Alison Izu Denim which focuses on clothing for petite women and is featured at Nordstrom and carried nationally at jeans.com.  Recently Alison’s design was on the cover of the November 2015 “Honolulu” magazine for the fashion week coverage.

Summer has over 12 years of experience in retail and buying and is the contributing editor for “Honolulu” magazine.  Summer has the Ten Tomorrow line of ready-to-wear fashion.

Their presentation clearly articulated how vital it is to the people of Hawaii to support and nurture the Cut Collective and the fashion designers.  


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