Hawaii Society of Business Professionals

March 14: Creative Industries Acceleration & Innovation Programs

The February 2016 cover story for the Hawaii Business Magazine featured, “Creativity as Hawaii’s Next Big Export” and the 6 accelerator/innovation programs run by Creative Industries in six basic areas, including: screenwriting, broadband content for the web, interactive media, fashion and couture design, production and music.

Georja Skinner, the head of the Creative Industries Accelerator and Innovation program, spoke to HSBP about how Creative Industries was the fastest growing segment of the Hawaii economy.

Using the accelerator model, Creative Industries puts together panel and keynote workshops in the six basic areas.  This month the focus is on screenwriting.  The screenwriting immersion program starts with the workshops and bootcamp. 

A member of the Writers Guild of America West, Terri, spoke to HSBP members about the Hawaii program and described the importance of having a “big tent” for writers that include minorities and women.  The minority/women screenwriters is a missing component that is reflected in the lack of programming and TV series and movies that discuss feature actors of color and older women.  The Hawaii program features minorities and women and provides that missing component for the Writers Guild of America


HSBP members learned about a successful participant in the 2013 program who went from an idea to a script and finally to production of a film that was entered into the 2016 Academy Awards under the Best Foreign Films Category, Josh Kim’s “How to Win at Checkers Every Time”.

Members of the HSBP group were also invited to attend an evening presentation on Friday by the woman screenwriter for Pixar’s “Inside Out”.



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