Hawaii Society of Business Professionals


HSBP Members enjoyed a fun, informative, and extremely heartwarming tour of the Hawaiian Humane Society (HHS) in January.  Our tour guide was Allison Gammel, Director of Community Relations, a font of knowledge.  What was most surprising to many was the size and scope of the operations.  

If you think the HHS is just the front you see from Waialae Avenue, you are badly misinformed!  With recent additions, over 75 employees and hundreds of volunteers, HHS expands a couple of acres and multiple buildings in their Kaimuki space.  And although members did not visit any distress animals, the Hawaiian Humane Society has a serious mission.  

The organization is responsible for the not only stray or lost animals, but also rescued ones, and in October 2016 was the lead organization in the liberation of over 300 dogs and other animals from a disgraced puppy farm in Waianae, the largest rescue in their history.   A busy and bustling place, the Humane Society does 70 adoptions a day, on average, and a steady stream of happy adoptees, and adopters, were a delight to see.    


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