Hawaii Society of Business Professionals

Jan. 24: DRFortress

On January 24, 2019, HSBP members visited DRFortress for the first Boardroom tour of 2019. HSBP last visited in 2013 so much has changed since then. DRFortress is the largest and only carrier-neutral data center and cloud services provider operating in Hawaii. President and Founder Fred Rodi, formerly with Equinix and Sprint Hawaii, gave us a personal tour. Due to confidential and sensitive data in the secure facility, identity is verified by an eye scanner- just like in the movies! Even the location is hard to find, "security by obscurity," Fred joked. We all received Visitor badges and were on our way.

The facility was built in 2000 and became DRFortress in 2006. DRFortress offers a comprehensive suite of co-location and cloud computing and storage services providing customers high-end, next generation solutions to meet the complexities of their technologies and business requirements. As there is no other Hawaii-based provider with a similar footprint, service portfolio, experience and skill set, DRFortress is able to assist both international and local companies with maintaining and securing their mission-critical systems and business continuity plans.


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