Hawaii Society of Business Professionals

Feb. 28: UHA Health Insurance

On February 28, 2019, HSBP members visited UHA Health Insurance to learn more about Well Being in the Workplace and Catalytic Coaching. President & CEO Howard Lee welcomed us and joked that not all of the healthy living changes were immediately welcomed, such as the removal of unhealthy snacks from hallway vending machines. However, he added, other benefits such as having three hours per week of paid time to work out more than compensated for any initial, mild concerns.

Erica Kolcz spoke passionately about the Hawaii Health @ Work Alliance, which is a subsidiary of UHA. Among some of the programs they've implemented are: having filtered water stations around the office; encouraging walking-meetings among staff; and placing out complimentary healthy snacks in the common kitchen. "We try to make healthy steps as easy as possible," Erica said.

Emily Santiago introduced our group to alternative performance evaluations called Catalytic Coaching that focuses on goal-setting with employees, instead of evaluating past work so that "employees will take more ownership," she said. Evaluations would also no longer be tied to pay increases.

The tour led by Howard Lee led us through scenic and calming office spaces, healthy snack stations, up the stairs painted with motivational signs, and ended in their Wellness Institute which doubles as a meeting and workout-training room.

We finished the tour with... surprise: healthy snacks! Mahalo UHA!


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