Hawaii Society of Business Professionals

Sept. 25: Diamond Head Theatre

HSBP Members were lucky to get a first class tour of the front and back of house of the Diamond Head Theater from Deena Dray, Executive Director, and John Rampage, Artistic Director.  This "community theater" is celebrating 105 years of continuous performance - the 3rd oldest community theater in the United States!  We learned that the organization is actually very professional, with a $2.5 million budget and approximately 20 paid employees and a slew of volunteers.  And they’re not even in the red - they are proud to say that they have been ‘in the black’ for 23 years.  

The structure was originally built in 1932 and was part of Fort Ruger - as was all of the area now occupied by Kapiolani Community College.  Originally called “Footlights” and then “Honolulu Community Theater”, Diamond Head got a permanent home at the current site in the 1960s.  

Breaking News: unfortunately, the building is past its prime and a new building is breaking ground next door in 2020.  The new theater will have some frills that the existing structure cannot accommodate, but we got the feeling that the heart and soul of this jewel of our community will remain the same.  


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