Hawaii Society of Business Professionals


We often partner with other non-profit organizations who we identify as most interested in specific topics and speakers. Inviting other Hawaii organizations to be our event partners provides the opportunity for both HSBP members and members of the partner organization to network with a larger and more diverse group of Hawaii business people, and to enjoy stimulating presentations and speakers.  These partnerships are specific to individual events. 

How it Works:

The partner organization agrees to send the announcement of the event to its members.  The event flyer will include the partner organization’s name and logo.  Members of the partner organization enjoy reduced rates for the luncheon.   HSBP takes care of all payment for the event, so the partner organization does not incur any additional administrative tasks.


If your non-profit organization is interested in partnering with an upcoming HSBP event, please contact us:

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P.O. BOX 26181, HONOLULU HI 96825     INFO@HSBP.BIZ     808.537.2356